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Across the world, countries are beginning to roll out the COVID-19 vaccine. Of the three approved in the UK — Pfizer/BionNTech, Moderna and Oxford/Astrazeneca — the Pfizer vaccine is currently being distributed, and AstraZeneca are on track to produce 2 million doses a week by the end of March 2021.

However, according to a recent study by Duke University, it is clear that there will be a global deficit of vaccines until at least 2024. Faced with limited supplies, rich countries have been quick to make deals with vaccine producers, offering public funds in return for guaranteed doses.

AstraZeneca, the…

Now that Artificial Intelligence has the capacity to commit intellectual property infringement, questions have been raised about how the law would respond to such a case. This article will sketch out some of the key issues relating to the regulation of AI infringement. As things stand, it is likely that developers of AI would be looked on unfavourably by the courts where their AI has infringed protected material. I examine why this is, and also touch upon some difficulties that claimants might encounter when bringing an action for infringement.

AI is on the rise. Systems like Siri and DeepBlue have…

With AI on the rise, IP law finds itself tied in knots, unable to utilise its traditional statutory tests in response to intelligent, innovative algorithms. In this article, I give a run-down of the main contentious issues relating to ownership of rights. Ultimately, I find that more initiatives are needed to regulate this emerging area of technology lest global competition be severely skewed.

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Last year, the music AI known as Endel was signed by Warner Music. …

Sam Norris

Intellectual Property | Design and Database Rights

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